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So what is a laser fishing rod anyway?
This is a laser fishing rod!
This is a Laser Fishing Rod!
Award-winning illuminated fishing rods that indicate when a fish is taking the bait.


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Modified Kencor Fishing Rods!

The best advertising is word of mouth, so below I have included some comments from my satisfied customers and owners of laser fishing rods. For example:

"I got a Laser Rod for Christmas and I think Wylie Rods has got a winner!" Clint Broadus, Independence, Missouri

 Hey Wylie!
 Been meaning to write to you - I did indeed take my rod out for a bit of night fishing, and all I can say is WOW!
 I caught 5 good channels in the 4-5 pound range and a 9 pound flathead. Lots of fun and the bites were so obvious it wasn't even funny. I could see them even when I wasn't looking directly at the rod - just from peripheral vision. You have an amazing product there.                                                            Michael Bacon of Wylie Texas

"I took my Laser Fishing Rod to a pay lake and was fishing next to people using bells on thier rods and caught more fish." Charles Moore aka Chip, winner of a Laser Fishing Rod in the King of Kats contest 2001.

2001 Hammacher Schlemmer's Best Recreational Product Winner!

Teach kids to fish not to fight.

As we have taught the rest don't mess with the best!
I would like to offer my condolences to everyone affected by the unwarranted terrorism here in the United States.
Wylie Rods

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